Studio225BK is a newly renovated studio located in Greenwood Heights, Brooklyn. It has been established as a creative space for both commercial and artist work and is home to GB3Arts and Lugo Photography.

The studio caters to both live action and still photography. Strobe, hot light, and G&E packages are available as well as a selection of props and furniture. A small wood shop is available for set building and other carpentry needs.

The studio offers 3 primary spaces: 1000 sq ft interior space with 14ft ceilings, a 750 sq ft uniquely designed deck, and a 1000 sq ft private roof.

Full day, half day, and hourly rentals are available. The space is also available for classes, events, workshops, business meetings, off site business functions and other creative needs.

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  1. Hello,

    My name is Diandra Davidson, I am inquiring about your loft in the West Village to shoot an urban contemporary music video on Saturday, October 19, 2013. The production will be 10-12hours, ideally between 9am and 10pm. Production crew, talent and staff will be an estimate of 15 people. The theme of the shoot is a party so during the hours of 4pm-9pm there will be approximately 30 additional people at the venue for filming.

    When can my director and I view your loft? How much would cost be for the entire video (all three rooms)? How much for each individually? What is your deposit fee? What extra fees will need to be paid in addition to rental cost (i.e. electricity, production manager/ venue manager, security deposit, etc.)? What is the maximum capacity of people that this venue can hold? What equipment does your venue come with? What equipment does your venue have to rent and what are those prices?

    The production date is a month away and your venue is ideal for our vision. A response at your earliest convenience would be greatly appreciated. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns, my contact information is listed below.

    Diandra Davidson
    Administrative Assistant

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